I am getting SO PISSED OFF from those people who bash limelight all the time


Limelight is the future! Limelight is episodes NEW style so they WILL focus on it! Limelight offers so much more that ink and classic NEVER DID. So stop whining like a baby!! Limelight authors work hard on their stories and to see whiny babies obsessed with ink bothering them is rude and unnecessary. Let people who want to write in limelight do it without complaining how ink is so much better.
I get it people have the right to their “oPiNiOnS” but there is a reason why some people prefer limelight so just let it exist without the constant complaints. I’m honestly sick of it. Do better.


It’s good, so let your feelings out and express your opinion. But other people also like to let out what they are feeling


they don’t have to bother authors who write in limelight though


I’m sorry, I didn’t know they did that. That can be rude