I am going to rewrite a story, which one should I do? Can you tell me why?

  • Birth of the Moon
  • A Wolf’s Story
  • Enchanted Life
  • One Night Stand
  • Bitter Sweet
  • Living a double Life

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Since some of these are little rough around the edges, depending on the story that is chosen the changes could be minor or completely rewritten.

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Hi there, instead of just telling people who haven’t read the stories to ignore the thread, maybe you could add a little description.
Not to mention if the description is interesting enough, people might get curious and want to read it.


Thanks for the feedback I will consider it the advice

Just based on the title? What’s the genre of them? If you have one that isn’t about romance, that’d be cool, I guess. X’DDDD

Each one is from a different genre, if you want to check them out sh61599. Instead of me describing them you can go up there and see what they are about

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