I am having a script error! Please Help

Guys I have a huge trouble with correcting up this error hope someone can help me up with this!

I think that it might help if you put the zone where the character is at the end of the command

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@CHARACTER spot #### in zone #

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For the first character you should try @AMELIA spot ## AND AMELIA faces right
You have to use capital letters when commanding a character and using the word and.
I normally use &JADE for second character command to get that character to do something at the same time as the first

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Thx for the help

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Thank you so much :heart:

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Thank you so much ma’am for your consideration :blush:

That’s ok I hope it helps

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I am having an error in line 81 and i don’t know how to rectify it! I would appreciate if someone could help me with it!

I believe you can’t use zones in screen center, screen left etc. Only in spot directing.

And since you alredy used pan to zone 3, you don’t have to put the zone to MELESSA enters from screen left to screen center

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Thank you so much for the help :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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