I am having several small bugs in the portal

First of all names of the characters start to look in the preview like this.:

And second, it seems like if the sensitivity to the mouse movement has changed in the preview window, and now it is very hard to spot and resize characters and overlays because it reacts even on the tiniest movement…so now all is too big to too small but its practically impossible to “stop” at the place I want - I still use the same browser (Chrome) and haven’t changed any setting on my PC - before it was working fine but now all spot directing takes me 2x time then before.

Also (this is for a longer time) - any fading (transition or overlay) has again some whitish unpleasant blink - not visible in the app but it’s annoying in the portal because I am not therefore sure my coding is right.


I am facing the same issues so I have decided to give my story some break and then I will continue it again. There are many glitches on Episode these days :pensive:


I haven’t had that one yet, but when previewing my story through my phone, they add transitions where there were none and misplaced my overlays. I’m positive it’s a glitch because everything I did up to this point (in my story) was very simple and easy and shows up fine on my computer.

But back to you, try filling out a support ticket!

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I had this glitch as well, it’s really annoying

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Ah, 9 days later and I’m having the same problem now. It’s really annoying, especially when you have a rainy scene. If your characters are in the scene while it’s raining the colors of the drops that appear near them will be a bunch of random weird colors. Here’s an example:

I’ve never even seen this glitch before, so this is super weird…


This is bad, my glitches are fixed

Hey! Is this on the web previewer or mobile previewer?

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It’s on the web previewer but mobile seems to be working normally.

I would just use the mobile previewer for now and reach out to support about the glitch for web previewer. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for answering so late! Fortunately the glitch is fixed now! (At least for me :sweat_smile:)

I’m having problems too, so say I write @character is tinker_kneel_loop when I preview it the character is just standing idle and same in the app, and layers aren’t working either, and this just started today, everything was okay until now.

I need to see your script there might me a mistake somewhere alse

Also the reason why you cant make topis is because you are new to forum - they block it so newbies will first learn how how the forum works and make topicks in right places. I dont remember how long it takes till it unlocks…

I had been getting that on my episode portal but then I changed my web broswer to Firefox instead of Chrome and it seemed to do the job of fixing the glitches of the characters names.
I agree as well, the sensitivity of the mouse has changed, I struggle from time to time. sometimes I just use my phone if its a difficult overlay.

oh, thanks! i’m already able to do it now, lol

it started working again, i think it was a bug or something