I am having trouble letting my reader name their 2nd character


Please help I have no clue how to fix it


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Did you code “first_name_input” as two different labels?




Delete the label part and just use this code:

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (CODY)

nothing else


You probably have another label that is the same. Change it to
label first_name_input2

input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(CODY)

if (CODY is “”) {

He does need a name.

goto first_name_input2

} else {


I did it but it doesn’t show in preview where the narrator says “you do need a name” so im guessing it didnt work…?


That part will only show up if the reader does not enter a name. Is it not showing up when that happens?


You need to test it on the app, it’s not working on Web Preview


OHHH REALLY? i’m so amazed right now… ahaha sorry its my first story

how do i check it on my phone? :grimacing:


Open the app, click the 3 lines in the top right to open the side bar, click create, log in to your google account, and your story should be there.


THANK YOU!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


thank you for the help!!! :slight_smile::heart:


Anytime! :grin:


update: IT WORKS!! hehe

but… how do i delete an unpublished story on episode?


You can’t :frowning: but you can support this idea here:


^^^ Pleaaaseeee support the idea by liking it we neeedd this :joy:


damn that sucks :frowning: thanks again for all the help you two!!


what code should i use so that the name that my reader typed in shows up? :—(


Like that: