I am having trouble with zoom resets

Hi! so I am having a lot of trouble with zoom resets. I wanted my characters to be at a pool, and put the command @zoom reset right after the scene placement. My understanding of this was that it would make it so I could see the entire background. Is this not right? Or is there a different command for this? Thanks!

Zoom reset makes you see the whole zone, there’s no command to see the whole background
If you want to do that, you’ll have to play around with the zooms, but it will last just for you to see in in the previewer

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Do you mean the system wasn’t able to recognize the command and doesn’t reset the zoom?
If that’s what you mean, you can put the command &zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0 instead, it’s exactly the same as zoom reset.


ooh it’s probably and &/@ thing. & just makes things happen simultaneously with whatever’s below it, @ is a hard stop. sandwich your scene transitions kind of like this and everything will be ready to go when the new scene pops up

&zoom reset
music music_music
@transition fade in black 1

Ohh ok awesome I’ll try this, thx!

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Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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