I am horribly indecisive and need help with story ideas

This is kinda long sorry

Okay SO, I have been going back and forth between good story ideas for the past few months and I get started in writing the plot and stuff for one and then I go back to a different story idea or come up with a new one and I really want to write a story I just have trouble committing to one idea. I think it’s because there are specific elements that I want in the stories like a badass tough main character, a dark plot, not to whimsical or exaggerated, high school setting (kind of), and just overall original which is hard for me to set up. And some of them clash as well, I just need some help deciding which story to go with and if anyone has any tips on how to commit to one story than PLEASE I NEED TO HEAR IT.

Anywho, here are the stories (not saying this will determine what u write but it helps a lot.)

MOONLIGHT- (supernatural), I’ve already started this one (I have a few chapters already) and it’s really good and I keep coming back to it because it’s like my baby, I already published it on a separate account (I had to make a new one because something happened with the email) it’s called something different but I want to change the title. Basically it’s about this girl who moves to a small town and meets these people and finds out she’s a werewolf and one of the guys in the group she hangs out with is the alpha of the biggest pack in Oregon, and they’re mates but they don’t know it it. It sounds really basic but the writing is really good and it’s well thought out and a lot of emotion is put into it. (The characters are also really well developed). The only thing is I wrote it a long time ago and I have better literary skills and I’ve been working on editing it.

Selene- okay so this title goes for different stories the main character in all of them is named Selene. The first one is about a model with a dark past and the story sheds a lot of light on how not glamorous fame can be and it just has an overall dark and deep mood, it’s full of emotion and topics that aren’t talked about a lot and it just shows the harsh reality of a lot of things. The second story for Selene is a girl who went missing and moved to a quiet town a year later and attends high school there. The first chapter is mainly about what heppened while she was missing and how it affected people around here, the rest of the story like how she went missing and why is revealed throughout the plot. This story has really unique characters with different backgrounds and they’re really well developed. Also the love interest is a bit of a cliche but is still very original.

NEON- this story is about a girl named Venus who works as a stripper in a neon nightclub, her and the boss work with a drug cartel behind the scenes, but one day when things go awry it’s up to her to save the boss, and she enlists the help of a notorious criminal. This story also has a dark undertone and the characters have dark pasts (obviously this is an element I like to incorporate in my stories because their easy for me to do and I enjoy it). It also deals with the reality of cheating partners and that not everyone is loyal and committed (the love interest).

Princess Proper- the main character has a royal bloodline and has to return to her native country before she turns 18 to “train” to be a princess, and on her 18th birthday she’s set to be married, but she’s a rebel and struggles to become a proper princess. This story isn’t dark like the others, it’s obviously more light-hearted. This one’s also already pretty developed and I’ve done one chapter (but I wrote it a long time ago and need to do some editing cuz honey oof)

CLIQUE- This story’s pretty much a comedy. (Kind of). The main character is the queen B and she’s really tough and just has that bad bitch aura. The story focuses on different cliques in high school and how they are in real life. And I can speak from experience from pretty much ALL cliques. (The main character is a bit exaggerated though because I wanted her to have that ‘it’ factor.) I like this idea a lot because it has really interesting and quirky characters and it’s very funny but it also has drama and good serious scenes.

If you’ve made it this far you should know it took me an hour to type this.

If anyone has any feedback I’d love to hear it even if it is cyber bullying. (Kidding, ill take constructive critism cuz I’m sensitive lol)
choose which story you’d like to read the most :two_hearts:

  • Selene 1
  • Selene 2
  • NEON
  • Princess Proper

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