I am horrified to let anyone read my storryyyy

Dude I’ve been wanting to forever have people read my story! but it’s a mafia story and everyone says it’s overused and stuff about Connor being a complete Aresehole to Katelyn Im so scared!!! I really want people to love and enjoy the story not to completely Shit on it Im so scared!! I can’t wait to be able to read yalls too :slight_smile: I am letting yall know for right now that Within time 1-8 is gonna be locked for right now so I can fix the errors on spot directing etc etc so I can go through this weekend and fix them (if I don’t have any college homework)

Does your story have romance in it? I believe people main problem with mafia stories is the romanticization of criminals.

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Well yes it does have romance in it BUT mine is and isn’t technically based on mafia im debating atm

Well as long as you don’t romanticize criminals no one should really give you a hard time. What’s your story called btw? I want to read it when it’s out.

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I have to fix a few things on it before I let anyone check it out imma hide it from my list so I can fix spot directing errors and speech bubble errors and etc etc they are pretty much regular people and they aren’t criminals it’s actually the other way around if im thinking about it

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