I am i desperate need for a cover!


HERE ARE THE CHARACTERS! I would like the girl facing the boy with purple hair. The rest is up to you!


Hello, would you like me to make you a cover?


Yes, please!!!


Then please go over to my thread and fill out a form!



Sorry. You gave me info on what kind of websites to use and I’ll credit you for the website I made my cover on. Thank you! Btw what is your episode profile name? I need it to give creds


Lol it’s the same as this name : episodechick33


ok. thanks


@ryan can you shut this one down?


I’m sure he will as soon as he sees this!!
Just don’t reply to anyone but @ryan and me


ok thx


Here is my form you need to fill out for a cover https://goo.gl/forms/IVr0kgT63Ll9USV53


I already made one but you gave me the website so I will give creds. lol


I’m confused, did you submit your request??


I don’t have your request, could you re-submit one??


No. I made my own.




You gave me a website to use on my other thread


So I will give you creds for that


Okay!! So you still want a cover??