I am in need of a cover art

I am thinking to do a half a page with my main character (Alexis) in a hospital bed and other side she is at the podium of an alter in a catholic church giving a passionate talk.

Please Respond!

I am creating a story about one of my closest friends.

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hey, welcome to the community!! :pleading_face:<3
youโ€™ll have to provide your character details and extra information, but iโ€™m sure someone at one of these art shops could help!! :sparkling_heart:

Ok so the hopsital side i have a skinnier version of Alexis and on the Church podium side i have a more heavy version of her.

Alexis heavy-
Skin-Gold 01
Eyebrow-Arched thin color dirty blond
Hair-medium brown bouffant long wavy
Eye-Deepset Downturned Color Blue Green
Face-Round Puffy cheek
Nose-Round Broad
Lips-Heart shaped pout

Skinny Alexis-Everything on top expect
Body-Normal Skinny
Hair-Princess Braid


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Okay, thankyou for the details, Just PMโ€™d you :revolving_hearts: