I am in need of a personal co-writer/coder, proofreader, beta reader, story reviewer, etc. Help Needed!

Hey, Tabitha Williams here. I am in need of a personal co-writer, proofreader, beta reader, and personal story reviewer for my story Monster Castle LL. I don’t have an Instagram, so I would prefer if we could PM on the episode forums or talk elsewhere. I am looking for someone to point out things I can improve on in my story since I want my story to be better than it is now because I feel as if I might didn’t do a great job as I thought. I feel as if I need some advice to better my coding as well since I did quit Episode for over a year before and then came back this year. For Monster Castle LL, I want my story to be better as far as coding wise, and anything else specifically of what I am doing wrong in the script so I can better my writing and coding and things in general. I am looking for someone who has experience with coding, has a passion for writing, and is friendly and kind, and patient. Please, someone, help me with this, I can pay or take this for free as long as if I don’t have to pay too much for these types of services. If you can’t do all of what I am looking for that’s fine, I am just looking to better my writing in general.

PS: I am also looking for someone who can beta-read, story-review, proofread, and a co-writer/ coder for all of my other stories as well.


I can help you!

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I would only charge for coding.

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Ok. How much would you charge for coding? And what else can you do?

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Maybe like $5/hr

I can create overlays, edit backgrounds, animate gifs.

Hey I am a proofreader for a shop and whenever you need to your more than welcome to request a proofread from me in this shop just make sure to follow the rules !

Hii, I am a paid coder/co-writer

In this thread you can find examples, prices and some feedbacks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can beta read/story review as well. Price 1$ per 1 chapter. :heart:

Hey, Here’s and update: I’m sorry I haven’t responded much to the people who offered to help me, I get so busy with life and coding my recent Episode of Super Wolf Girl has took me over a month to code and I am still not done, but I will make sure at one point to see if I can find the right person to help me. Sorry I took so long, but please understand.

Hey, if you are willing to pay then I am a paid proofreader and my prices are negotiable!
If you are interested, please pm me :blush:
I would love to work with you😁

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I’m a paid proofreader and my commissions are currently open. My prices vary depending on chapter amount, so it can back negotiated! <3

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Hey, I have a question. I noticed you said that you can do paid proofreading, but right now I might have someone to help with the proofreading. I am just waiting on them to accept the request, but can you do really good coding, and if you can, can you check out the first three chapters of my story and see what I can do about that and let me know if it’s free or do I have to pay you? Thanks in advance.

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UPDATE: I already found two people to help me with beta reading and proofreading my story. But since I couldn’t find a way to get a co-writer/coder for coding, I am still going to wait for another coder or co writer. Thank you all for those who offered.

I can help be a co-writer/co-coder, but my expertise are commissions, if that’s okay?

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Hey hun!
Sorry for replying rate, actually my exams are going on…so, was kinda busy lately :sob:
Anyways, could you please specify what you are talking about? What I mean to say is what are you looking for in a coder? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: