I Am In Need Of A Profile Picture, Please

Hi! I’m in need of a profile picture!
Here’s how my character looks like:
Skin Tone Gold 02
Brow Arched Natural
Hair Long Straight Loose Solid or Long Double Dutch Braids
Hair Color Brunette Brown
Eye Shape Deepset Almond
Eye Color Dark Hazel
Face Shape Diamond
Nose Defined Natural
Lips Full Heart Pouty
Lip Gloss Peach Gloss

I want the background to be something to do with a beach. Thank you!

Do you want it drawn? Because if you do then idk if I can draw the wings

Would you be interested in something like this?




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I can do that for you. Only drawn tho
Here are some examples:

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do you want something like this?

Would you like it drawn? Because I can do drawn ones! :blush:

Would you like to have one like my profile picture or you prefer something more like episode characters?

I like your profile picture. I’m wondering how mine would look like.


Does she have a pose?


Hope you like it! <3

i love it, thanks

You’re welcome!

Feel absolutely free to don’t use it haha

So you don’t need me to make you a drawn one?