I am in need of a writing partner! (LL)

Hi everyone! I am in need of a writing partner. I should have a cover coming along pretty soon but it can’t hurt to have someone who makes covers :blush:. Also I seem to have hit a writer’s block in my story as well. I would also like someone who knows their way around a code, and I can help in any way that I can if you need that to. I have my characters and some of the plot but I would really love some help. If you are interested I will give you more info. :smiley:

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I can help!

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I would love to

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Oh thanks! Do you have Instagram or would you rather talk through messaging on here?

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Thank you! Do you want to message through here or do you have Instagram

I would rather talk on messaging here? If that’s okay.

That is perfectly fine thank you! So how do you want to do this?

What do you mean?

I mean like. Do you want me to send you the script or do you just want to pitch ideas or anything like that.

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Okay start a PM and tell me about the story, what you need me to do

Yeah but maybe we should do it over google docs that way we can also code together that way
sorry for the late responds