I am in need of art scenes and other art materials

Hello anyone that is willing to do art scenes covers and background probably overlays please notify me BUT if you are willing to even do one scene art for me even if I don’t use it you will have a important part in my story not a one time spot but I will tell you what I need as an right now I am starting a story is called Rebelling hearts and it is about a half demon half angel and a male vampire if you want more information about it look where I replied to other people on it so go ahead and scroll down

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Hey! I can do it… You can check out my art thread on my account for examples

Please respond if you would like me to do it.

I can do it but you need to put the request in the thread
I will create outlines, drawings, and everything else

I would absolutely love that but you need to know that changed my mind on the story I learned how to new tricks since that story so my new story is called rebelling heart It is about A half dermon half Angel named Aella and A vampire named Blade both do not want fall in love but the story is named rebelling heart for a reason lol and there will be a lot of animations and other things in this story

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oh before you start both are rebels not goodie two shoes rebels ok now here they are

sorry to worry you but one more thing can you make the covers first if you forgot the name of the story it is Rebelling Hearts and his arms can be wrapped around her or something or her legs can be wrapped around him and just make sure that her wing is half black half white and he has horns and fangs oh and his eyes are red

I saw on your thread that you want us to be detailed

First character Aella
Skin tone: Honey
Eyebrow: thin curved
Hair: straight
hair color: charcoal
Face shape: oval
Eyes: Upturned feline
Eye color: one white one black
Nose: Elven
Lips: full round
Lip color: Plum


Skin tone: Honey
Eye brow: Thin narrow
Hair: man bun
hair color: white
eye: stoic almond
eye; black
face: defined triangle
nose; button
Mouth: uneven
Mouth color: taupe

I don’t mind if you do it but you have to read where I replied to @paigebarr

Here you go! If you want me to change something then let me know. (Everything is moved up a little so you can fit it in the cover)

OMG I LOVE IT Thank you so much let me know when you are available next time I may request other art scenes in the future THANK YOU

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I’m available whenever! Just PM me and I will work on anything you want.

Oh well in that case do advise I have a different art piece for the large art piece and if you do decide to do it just surprise me oh and if you want to you can make a this story uses sound cover or you can do the warning cover whatever you decide just surprise me

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I’ll get started right away!

Here’s the large cover, I’ll get started on the other stuff in a second

If you want you can make one with one of them blueberry is a wolf and is the crazy funny bestfriend and that is her mate Aiden also a wolf and he is the annoying bestfriend

skin tone: olive
eyebrows: thin curved
hair: beach wave
Hair color: Blasting blue
eyes: upturned feline
eye color: toffee
face: oval
Nose: elven
lips: full round
lip color: scarlet

skin tone: honey
eyebrows: thin narrow
hair: cropped
hair color: cayenne
eyes; athletic round
eye color: hickory
face: defined diamond
nose: button
lips: uneven
lip color:taupe

and of course just tell me what you want to look like and what roll you want to play in the story you have your own schedule when you are finish

AGAIN I LOVE IT you are amazing

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Here are the others
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