I am in need of finding an blood overlay

Hi, I need a blood overlay. For the blood overlay, I need one where it looks as if the blood is coming from your clothing. As if you were stabbed or shot then blood begins to leak out after the object is removed. If anyone is also able to leave me an example of the type of coding I need to use I would be extremely grateful.

Do you need the overlay or the coding or both?

I mainly need the overlay but the coding would also be helpful.

Ok, check a different category for coding, but I can get you the overlay! Did you want the episode one or a different one?

A different one

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What location on the body? (ex: leg, chest, etc.)

The abdomen

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Ok, here’s some!


image-removebg-preview - 2021-03-09T110402.519
image-removebg-preview - 2021-03-09T110446.016


Thank you so much!! How would you like to be credited?

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No need! I just got them from a copyright-free website

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