I am in need of splashes,story cards,art cover,and text overlay

Hii i need all these i just mentioned ,please if u can help me i will be very happy and forever grateful thank you.
You can reply this or dm me on instagram
IG: Queenmabel.epi

A few people from here could most likely help

Thank you
soooooooooo much

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I can help with text overlays.

This art shop may help:

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Hey lovely! My editing shop is open! Itโ€™s only edits, but you could request something from there if you would like :heart::cherries:

I need a text overlay saying โ€œFor better or worseโ€
Thank you so muchhh

okay thanks

Do you have any idea what you want? Font? Colors? Details.

Uhmm okayโ€ฆthe font

Color : Pink ,white or black