I am looking for 3 people who are speaking good english


I have 3 episode I want to upload but the need to be written and changed for grammar mistakes.
If I find 3 people then they all have to change only 1 episode what takes 15 minutes off time.

Are there people who want to do it.

episode 3 I am still working on it it will be later this evening.

The easiest way for doing it is write my script in an empty one off you and episode will ask you to change the characters, you change the characters into your main persons and you can read and see the episode, change it and give it back.

thanks you



Do you need three people to just edit and proofread your writing? If that’s the case, PM me your script and/or story link, and I’m willing to help.


Hi! Same here, I can proofread your script for you as well, if you’d like! I’m writing my own story and I’m waiting till I finish my third chapter to ask for some help of my own! I’d be happy to help fellow writers.


Me! english is my first language I live in the US, if you dont find 3 people I dont mind doing all 3 chapters


Ok, I have asked the same question on Instagram. You 3 are the first. It is for grammar control. But if you do more for making my story more beautiful like coding errors, zoomings etc there will be a surprise. I am talking of an overlay as a choice, or a little cover or a big cover or warnings signs… Here is a little bit of my work;
This was for my own story but also for a competition for someone who wanted everything. it was a contest and these are my entries.

This was for the contest all is done by myself with blending, tubes, etc in paint shop pro
this is for my story:

this is a gift for a friend:

And this is my announce on Instagram.

So let me know in a pm. If you want to do this.
If I get more people a let them do the first 3 episodes which are already published they are good but it can always be better.



Ok you all 3 say you will do it but nobody has really replied to my PM.
I am on a deadline here, so people it is still open.
If you want to help me, 1 episode for 1 person. And everybody gets a gift.



When do you have to have it in by so I know whether or not to speed up the process?


what do you mean


You said you were on a deadline so I was just wondering when it was so I could hurry up because
I am proofreading it right now.


FYI it not allowing me to actually fix it, so I am putting the notes on Google Docs so you can fix it yourself.


Just so you know your really good at coding, I was astonished by how great you are. Your grammar mistakes aren’t that noticeable either. Even great writers who are American have worse grammar than you. This isn’t to offend anyone either, but your doing great :+1:!


wow that is the best revieuw i have ever had thank you so much.


but do the coding myself i don’t know because if i could it would be great.


My deadline is 2 days but if you say it is not much work and we can work togetger that can be done.


Alright well, I am almost finished, so don’t worry to much. Do you have other people proofreading your other chapters?


just one, but I have an invitation I think on google texts but I don’t know from who.


Is it ready? I almost finished 6 and then that can be revieuwd to and i can upload. xxx


I am still looking for a 3the person to edit my grammar and more if it is necessary but if you can’t want more I am ok with it too. I want to update really quick so the read from one episode has to be real quick.

I hope to find someone

thanks xxx


Hi! I’m up to doing it if you want?


oh yes please give me your e-mail i send you the script xxx