I Am Looking For A Coder!

Hello, I am Swift(y)!

So basically I’m rubbish at coding yet I am decent at writing! So pretty much if your a coder looking for a script writer I’m here!



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Hey I can help but I’m a paid coder. Tried to write a story before but I’m rubbish at writing XD
We can try work together. The first episode will be free of charge. And let’s see how we’ll work from there ^^

You can contact me here:
email : bongsu.xx@gmail.com
Ig : Login • Instagram

**Email is the fastest way to reach me :wink:

Hey If you want a paid coder my best friend is also a coder and her charges are cheapest.
For 2k lines : 3$
And For 3k lines: 4$
If you are intrested message her on instagram: @keen14.15

Hey, I can help you with coding. You don’t have to pay me, just giving credit is enough for me. I’ve written 2 unfinished stories on Episode and been in the community for over a year now.

Let me know if you still need help.


Are you still doing coding
I am covid positive and I am really not able to write anything so if you are free to help me please message me on Instagram

I am terrible with writing and the coding for the new script. If you could help me understand it more i would be so grateful and give you credit in my story. Last time i tried to write a story on episode you were able to do it on your phone, and now it’s changed so much!!

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sure, just pm me what you need help with😊

Hey!! This is for everyone who needd help!! Sessions starting soon!!

What do you need help in?

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