I am looking for a outfit creator

I am looking for someone to create outfits for my story. please reply if interested in helping me or for any questions.


Hi I can do that

would be able to create the outfits? would like to help with some ideas for my story?

Are you still willing to help???

Of course
I would love to

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I would like to help as well if you need me

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I would do that because creating outfits are my favourite things to do.

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can you please create some school uniform , casual , beach and Halloween outfits???

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so I have started the story and have the story line but need a few more ideas for the chapters to be longer and some more events to happen to make my story more interesting.

so can u tell me what this story is about so i can help u

The story is about a girl called KATIE who falls in love with her best friends brother ( I know pretty cliche ) but my idea was that KATIE already has a boyfriend and has been with this boy for a long time. Since the seventh grade and they are now in 10th grade. But then her boyfriend cheats on her with the mean girl of the school also known as the ex best friend. She finds out when she is dropping of her younger sister at the mean girls house ( KATIE younger sister is best friends with the mean girls younger sister). So they break up. they go to a party and KATIE kisses her best-friends brother because she is very upset about the breakup . Then she feels really bad and just sad so she tells her best-friend about the breakup and the kiss. She said don"t do it again but the brother over hears and asks her out on a date… ( that is what I have what do you think ?) ps i hope you understand

its actually very nice
so i should create outfits for KATIE

just one question who is katies best friend

The boy she kisses twin sister

id love to help