I am looking for a proof reader!

Hii! I am looking for a proofreader! I don’t need grammar or language checks, but to give me tips on how to make my episode more interesting, and minor checks for my coding. :)) I am looking for help with dialogue into making sure that it is consistent with each character’s personality!

I coded my first episode and have it in a google docs :)) please help if you’re an experienced writer! Thank you.

I can proof read:)

Ok! May I have your ig? :))


My name is Deb and I am offering proofreading services for AUD $3.00 per chapter with payments going through my paypal account.

Service includes:
Sentence structuring
Basic directing

I edit scripts via an editable live document or you send me a WORD document containing the script.

About Me:
English is my first language
I am an Australian native

Please message me if you are interested.