I am looking for a proofreader, but someone who's is taking his work serieus

I had multiple already but they quit, to much work for school, personal problems etc
And my readers still find grammar Foulds and it is just that, that I don’t want.
I am dutch I need someone to really read it and correct my grammar properly.
You will be credited… and I can make splashes, overlays covers etc in return.
Please only serieus people … DM me x


I can try. It honestly depends on how much I need to correct, but I’m completely off of school next week for MEA.

I thought I did that…? :frowning:

What do you mean?

I mean I used to proofread for her. I’ve never told her I couldn’t do it. I thought I was still doing it.

Maybe she wants more so it’s done a little faster? @Zoekezoef

Maybe. I don’t even know anymore.

You have a lot of work my dear x

I had proofreaders because you did only one chapter and still my readers they are saying that there are mistakes I can’t let you proofread the wole 11 episodes, later it will be one maybe 2 a month xxx

You can check out this thread:

Good luck! :lollipop: :black_heart:

I am looking for 6 people who want each do 2 episodes, as of then I will take my proofreader @EdwardNorton otherwise it will be to much work for her, who wants to do it?


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I had te same problem cuz Im also Dutch
If you havent find someone yet. I would like to help…
Of zou ik tenminste een episode van jou kunnen lezen

Ja ik kan twee episodes lezen hoor. Maar ik heb meer contact op insta. @episode.vel