I am looking for a script template


a simple one not he one i have found already on the internet, there are to many peoaple.
Or maybe someone who can guide me true to a go out with 3 people speaking and background characthers, i need the start the rest i can handle.



Hello @Zoekezoef! If you’re looking for help with scripting, this topic should go in the Directing Helps and Tips category, not the Art Resources. If so, move it to Directing Helps and Tips. If this about art, backgrounds, or overlays, then it may remain here. Thank you for reading and have a good day! :sunglasses:


i understand that but a script template is also an art resource no? It is sometimes difficult to see what goes with what.


@Zoekezoef I understand that it can be confusing. If people respond with art-related helps, I will let it remain here. However, if they respond with scripting-related helps, then it should be moved to Directing Helps and Tips. :wink:

Thanks for responding and have a good day :sunglasses: