I am looking for a story


Hi I had a story in my favorites, but it’s gone. I must have accidentally got rid of it. It’s about a young lady who fell in love with her boyfriend ‘s dad. She broke up with her boyfriend because he always ignored her to hang out with his friends. Especially at the beach. And his best friend had a crush on him. And the father is divorcing his wife, and as it turns out she is dying. The boyfriend thought he was having a baby with someone else, but that turned out to be a lie, and my character ‘s friend who has blue hair fell in love with her. I need help finding it. I don’t remember the name of it. Does it sound familiar to anyone?


Your Dad My Daddy? I haven’t read it but it sounds like that


THATS IT! Thank you! :slight_smile: Oh it’s a really good story! I just did a search and I can’t find it. I wonder what happened.


Oh no! I guess that is against the rules huh? Well I went on instagram and she said it was removed but I didn’t know why. Thanks for letting me know. Damn! It was a really good story. :frowning: