I am looking for a writing partner here

hello !
I am working on my new episode story but i am having some problems
I need someone who help me with it .
And thanks for everyone who wanted to help !!

i can help pm me

i was so worried that iโ€™m not going to find a partner !!

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so how we are going to work ?
and how are we going to message each other ?

soo pm me and weโ€™ll discuss plot,character names,title,love interests,lenth,etc

do you have an instagram account ?
it will be easier to communicate with each other
mine is gharbi._.samar

yes i do itโ€™s olivia.episode13 i reach out to you tomorrow afternnon i have school and i gtg rn oof

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how was your school ?

itโ€™s decent once again in computer class so iโ€™ll talk later

okay !

Hey gotten anyone?

i think so i am so sorry for replaying too late !

no problem whatโ€™s your instagram


and sorry for the late message !!