I am looking for an advanced coder to code 1 episode of my episode story!

I started coding a story on episode but since I’m busy now I don’t have enough time to finish coding it. I coded 2 episodes but I need someone to help me code my third episode. I will tell you what has happened so far and I need you to code my third episode and help me fix small things in my other 2 episodes! I will credit you in every episode that you code!


Can you pay?

I can help you with coding

If you are looking to pay, there is ONE of the best coders I have met @nuha.episode

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I can help you.
You can check out my story (link on my profile) if you want to see my coding/directing skills.

No payment btw, just credit

you’re so sweet, thank you :pleading_face: :blob_hearts:

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I was sweet since 16th June :laughing:

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