I am looking for an Art Group!

Hello I am Aerial and I am looking for an Art Group to join! I mostly can do Art Scenes,Character Edits or any other digital art. Would anybody be interested in hiring me? I will provide you with some examples if you comment?


Go here!

Would you consider joining Episode Bliss?

If you’re not sure about what an art group is, it’s a group that creates art for members for members of the Episode community. We are a trustworthy, stable, and drama free art group that focuses on teaching the members new techniques! We are the first and only art group to do so! We don’t have many members, but we do have high standards and one of our main goals is to make bonds. We guarantee a good experience, a lot to learn, and so much more! Plus, you are free to come and go from the group according to your schedule! :grin::kissing_heart:

Some benefits of joining our group are:

  • If you are having a chill and lazy day, there are always other members that have your back to do art in your place. So no stress!
  • You will always be encouraged and never put down about your art and skills.
  • We will give lessons to make you better at art, and it’s 100% free!
  • The president of the group is always open and loyal to the members. That means no secrets, and equal leadership among all members with ideas to improve the group.
  • You will make friendships that can support you through business, and personal problems.
  • You aren’t required to add any stress to you schedule just to be online, do what fits you!
  • Lastly, we are and have been drama-free since the day we started! This is about art and passion for Episode, not personal drama!

I as the president of Episode Bliss, hope you’ll consider joining and continue exploring the different artistic possibilities we have to offer! Just ask any of our members! For more details, head HERE NOW!

~ Episode Bliss (President Dahlia Blossom)

I would totally be interested in joining but I am unable to get discord:(

Its ok! @Aerial_author We have a forum chat for member that can’t get it.

I forgot to update that… oops.

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Oh ok I might be check it out then…thanks;)

Your welcome!!

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Hey girly one of my friends would love to have you in her group.

Her group is epidode wonder if your interested in joining I’ll tell her. I really think you’ll like her…

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Episode harmony is

Ok I will think about it…thanks:)


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