I am looking for an edit program to make pictures transparant

1)I have eraser but it leaves a white edge, my settings are maybe not good??? I don’t know I don’t find tutorials.
2) And I have ibis paint which is good so I have heard but I don’t know how to do it and all the tuts are in English and my program is Dutch. And my i pad just doesn’t want the English version to download so if someone can explain me with screenshots the settings and from A to Z with screenshots I would be very happy. I always take my photo’s from a white screen, maybe it could help if i put the photo’s on a black background i dont know i am desperate.

Can someone help me because I need these 2 pictures clear and it does not go.

thanks if anyone wants to help me



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I recommend using LunaPic. Just upload a picture and select ‘transparent’. There are settings you can change if you don’t like the outcome.

But that is the problem i dont know wich settings i need to adjust… if they are once good i can use them all the time. x


The only ones that you need to look at are the more transparency slider and the fill mode selector.
The fill mode basically is asking whether you want to make a specific color transparent or just the surrounding area.

that leaves white edges too and if i play with the adjustment it is to heavy and the arms are transparant too :slightly_frowning_face:

If you want, I can do it for you. :grin:

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I see what you mean hen you say that there’s a white outline. :thinking: I think the only way get rid of is to use a detailed eraser or just use a darker color to make it less noticeable.

Would love that but I can’t ask you to do that for every cover and I don’t want white edges. I use paint shop pro but making a person transparent does take a lot of time and still those edges, I can make my covers but the transparency of my characters, these I made yesterday

they were cleaned by someone else


Those are really cool! Also, I completely understand, wish I could helped more.

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I make good covers i know that but my characters i want perfection x

I use Photopea from my desktop but im sure you can use it from a laptop im not to sure about a tablet or phone. Hope this helps you out! :smile:

Steps I use
  1. File - Open
  2. Layer - Vector Mask - Add (Hide All)
  3. Quick Selection Tool
  4. Use that to make a line around character (best if you use green background in my opinion)
  5. After satisfied with that then hit Refine edges
  6. Erase the parts needed
  7. Hit okay
  8. File - Export As - PNG

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Going to try this later, is this a free program? x

Thank you x

yes it is

I use sketchbook edu and if you want you can check out my shop to help OPEN - Art For Artists! - Get any character cut out and turned into a PNG!

ok but i need to know how to use it x

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I did exactly how you told, this was my result :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:

grrrrrrr xxxx

I hope this is a better explanation on it and helps out better