I am looking for help (I just started)

Ok, so I just started, and I need MAJOR help with coding. Anybody?

Hi! What exactly do you need? There are a lot of guides which are quite helpful on Episode, but maybe I can help you righ away

I am on a mobile device, and all of the videos and tutorials are for computers. I REALLY need help with coding. I am currently having trouble with zones.

Pleas, try these 2. If they do not help, I will try to help you :blush:

If you need to move background, just move it to the right (left). There are 3 zones and below in the circle the number will change from 1 to wherever zone you picked

Ok, so I am actually using the writer’s portal on my iPad, and it’s different than on a computer.

Any Ideas?

Doesn’t that photo help?

I did it on my iPad as well

Duplicate closed. Refer to I need a LOT OF CODING HELP! :slight_smile: