I am looking for proofreader, coder or both! <3

Hey Episodians!

So my current proofreader and coder got extremely busy and probably doesn’t have time for my story anymore, so I am looking for someone!

What you could do:

  1. Proofread my story. You know, grammar mistakes, typos (I hope I dont make any except not using apostrophes) and stuff…
  2. Code my story. Talking bout pans, zooms and some effects, so my story looks really spicy and not just plain text!

Thank you guys for all your help! :heart:

Oh also, I am willing to give you story description and scripts if needed! :heart:

I can help with scripts and to proofread

That would be great! Should I DM you the details?

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I can help with either.

Awesome! With what help exactly?

Of course!

Perfect, DMing now! :heart:

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Proofreading and coding.

Coding would be great! :heart: Will DM you the details!

I could help code if you still need someone. I have a thing about proofreading my own work though so I don’t think id be good at that

No worries, i already got someone :heart:

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