I am looking for proofreader with good English 😍

Hi, English is not my native language and I have dysortography so I am on my limits in correcting my mistakes. I am simply not seeing them.:sweat_smile:

ˇTherefore I am looking for somebody with real passion for gramaticly correct English who would be interested in helping me out.:grinning:


Its finished and usually keeps among top 10 in fantasy, but sometimes I get info from fans that there are many mistakes.:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

It actually all went through proofreading before publishing so I dont get how it is possible :thinking::sweat_smile:… or if in different English speaking countries are different grammar rules and this is the reason…

Well anyway I would be really thankfull if somebody would be willing to check this story (46 chapters) And let me know what needs to be changed.

Pls let me know if anybody is interested.:nerd_face:We will then figure out the details.:wink:

Also @Sydney_H I am not sure if I put this to right category, if not thank you in advance to move it where it belongs.:upside_down_face:


Hi. I can do it for free❤. I’ve already read it once, so I should be able to spot any little Grammer issues immediately. English is my native language also.

I’d love to do this for you!
(For free obviously)
I’m native in English, love your story (I may have re-read it twice…) and I also have a degree in proofreading.

Oh great. How we will do it? Shold I send it to you in google doc so you will not need to spend passes on it?

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Sure :grin:

oh that is great lol girls now I dont want you both spending your valuable time on it.


Uh . Now what?:crazy_face::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Maybe we can do half and half? Idk

Lol :rofl::joy:

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That could actually work :thinking:

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Ah great.:nerd_face: I actually have great idea … I have second account for cowriting which I do not use anymore so I can give you acces there and copy there the code… there sre not the overlays and BG so you will not be able to preview but it might be more handy this way for you… OK let me prepare it and I will send you via DM the acces, OK?


Alrighty(idk why, but I’m sort of excited)

Lmao :rofl:

That sounds good!

@Raitlyn Me Too! :joy:

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Oops… wait. I just realized that you put DM, but I don’t have Instagram. :woman_shrugging:

I ment dm here in the forum. :relieved:

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Oops :grimacing:


Hey dear! Nice to meet you! :heart:

I can proofread for you in advanced English, but I’m a commissioned proofreader.

Diana’s Proofreading Shop:

  • Better Idioms
  • Grammar and spelling cheak
  • Advanced synonyms
  • Punctuation mistakes
    And a lot more…

Incase your interested please contact my Instagram: @diana.proofreads

Thank you! :heart: