I am looking for recommendations story

Title: Queen Of The Underworld
Author: Queen.Q
Genre: Romantic
Style: Limelight
Description: She was her mothers angel and her fathers jewel.
Born into the life of a mafia queen. Will she succeed or will she perish?
Link: Episode Writer Portal


LOST by Mary D Sava


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Hi, Thanks for the thread!
Here’s my story below if interested:
Also up for r4r :blush:

Title: Partner and Crime.

Author Episode.percenitygf

Instagram @Episode.percenitygf


The only gem choice is to support the author at the end

Style Limelight

Episodes 1-15 out now (16-17 coming soon don’ t read)

Kira, finally reunited with her family after being taken away at the age of 7, wonders what will happen when the past of her parent’s past comes back into the picture.


Title: The Forest of Witches :magic_wand:
Description: You’re a notorious jewel thief, but one slip-up lands you in a world where you don’t belong and into the arms of an alluring witch. Will you find love or your way back home?
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
No. of Episodes: 6 (ongoing)
Link: Episode Writer Portal
Instagram: @carmie_episode

Includes Full CC and Art Scenes.

Thank you so much :blob_hearts:

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It’s a historical romance, but maybe it could interest you. :hugs:

Title : Bloodaxe
Summary : The Court of Scots is desperate and seeks the help of an infamous enemy, Freydís the Bloodaxe. Will the shieldmaiden fight alongside her kin or choose her heart over them?
Genre : adventure/ fantasy/ (historical) romance
Additional info : Full CC, option between multiple male or female love interest, point system and different endings.
Story cover:

Story link : -

Instagram: @chanel.stories



After putting a lot of time in it, I finally published yesterday my first story on Episode.
Oh yeah I draw my own covers and art scenes as well.

Let’s go to the story.


Title: Take The Bet

Description: *A clean new start at a new school, until Autumn is offered a bet to seduce the most mysterious play boy Kenji Nobu. What she doesn’t know that there are future consequences for this.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Haters to lovers, High school, Bad Boys.
Number of episodes: Now 1 till 3 is out. I am aiming around 50 till 60 chapters.
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @kimster.author & @kimster.art

Additional information: Full CC, Point systems, Art scenes, One love interest, Choices matter.

I will check it out