I am looking for someone who can do a cover art for some of my stories


Hello there. I am looking for someone who can do some cover art for some of my stories. If you are interested in the job, please let me know. Some of the stories I do not have an idea for most of my stories and hoping for some ideas on them. I will make sure you (the creatater of the cover) will be mentioned in the story and you will have the credit you deserve.


I can help


I am interested as well.


I have a story on romance, two fantasy, and a game show. I’ll let you decide on which one you want to do
@granolias @Teahwalker


I can do the romance


Could you give a small description of each even though I’d be interested in all? :grinning:


Unknown- After the death of her adoptive father, she learns the truth of who she is and what she is. Her adoptive brother is out to get her. Many are after her for she is the last angel alive. And the devil wants her. Fantasy
The Wall-a world run that is separate by an invsable wall that only humans can walk through. On one side, vampires live. And the other live the werewolves. Those two cannot pass the wall, but a human women goes between the two to do trading for each other. One species wants to dominate the other side. Fantasy
(The Wall spinoff) trying to rename it - two lovers meet but cannot have for they are of the opposite species, they try to find a way to be close to each other until one day the invisible wall finally breaks. Romance/Fantasy
Abyss- a human becomes a slave to a vampire queen (one of many) and is soon kidnapped and used against her. The problem though is he loves her and has a family secret that might help her. Romance/fantasy
The A Game- is a game show. May will join but only one will win. Love, hatred, many with find themselves while others walk away from the price. (Rp that’s put into episode) action
@Teahwalker just realized I have two romance lol.


All of these ideas sound very unique. I currently have inspiration for the game show. Do you have the details for that one ready? :+1:


I actually do not have any idea for the cover. I actually got the idea from Total Drama Action :sweat_smile: i’m Still waiting for more people to join it.


Aww, I loved that show when it aired! Hmm, so we’re you thinking about having multiple characters on the cover or like 3 or 1 or …:joy:


I was actually hoping for no characters to be on it, but than again I don’t think anyone would read it if no one was on it.


I be happy to do both examples are here https://forums.episodeinteractive.com/t/official-episode-diamonds-art-request-thread-new-and-improve-examples/41067


Your story is in Ink or Limelight?(won’t matter just curious) And It’s all up to preference, you decide what’s best for your story.


here is our newest example



@lilysmith10 what are the deatils I’m with @Teahwalker


They are all ink


Wow! That is amazing work!


thx credit goes to @nuggy shes amazing


you can see more here

or here



Okay, so for the game show I was thinking…

The main character would be in front of the cover and the two other characters behind the MC. The MC is smiling/smirking while the others are either holding money or looking angry haha. I think I’m a bit off on your idea so let me know so we can get a clear. :nerd_face: