I am looking for someone who is dutch, good in coding and writing and in english language

I am dutch but my english is bad, so i am looking for someone who want’s to write with me for changing my spellings errors, other errors and suggestions so it needs to be someone who is dutch but can speak very good english.

I hope to find someone


Heya! I’m Briar and I certainly don’t know any dutch but I can help you with all the grammar mistakes and complex adjectives. Text me back if you’re interested!


Hey! this is Eigen and I’d love to help you with the English part. If you are willing then text me!

Are you dutch?

Thanks for the offer but i need someone who is talking dutch so we can chat in our language :sleepy:

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Or will it work likt this too?

What do you mean?

No I am not dutch but I don’t mind helping out.

Hey it looks like you already had some offers but I’m happy to help! I’m American, studied English in college, and am an editor in real life

ho does it work to work toghether, and will we be able to communicate whit my bad english lol

It’s fine, to be honest. :joy:

what do you mean :grinning:

You make art

What do you mean?

I don’t know ho it works to work togheter?

ja graag, hoe gaat dat nu in zijn werk?

I still don’t have someone :sleepy: