I am making a Free Art Shop

I want to make a free art shop for people if anybody who want to be a part can Pm me or reply to this message or dm me in insta tk_epiwriter.
We will do

  1. Character Cards
  2. Moodboards
  3. Covers
  4. PFPs
  5. Art Scenes
  6. Outfits
  7. Splashes(intros/outros)
  8. Text Overlays
  9. Banner
  10. . Background & Overlays
    If anybody want to be a part please Pm me or Dm me in insta
    Love you all<3

hi! I would be up for joining, as of I can do outfits, character creation, and moodboards. do you want examples? I’ll pm them to you if you do

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I would also be up for joining (:

Let me grab my details, hang on a sec (:

What I can do (:
  • Text Overlays
  • Limb Overlays
  • Character Overlays
  • Drawn Scenes (Need A Clear Photo Reference) = (Not taking requests for these yet)
  • LimeLight Edits
  • Character Cards
  • Edited Story Covers
  • Splash intros/outros
  • Create Characters
  • Create Outfits
  • I can make simple backgrounds (I’ll send an example of how simple)
  • I can make tappable menu templates with the corresponding overlays, background & coding)

I’ll pm u my examples if you’re interested (:

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Yes Pls pm me the examples

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Pls pm me some examples

Sure, just remember to reply to my message next time otherwise I won’t see your message (:

(I only saw it because I got a notification of my comment being liked) (:

hi! I would be up for joining, as of I can do outfits, character creation

Pls pm me some examples

I’ve pmed my examples (:

Hey can I join?

I pmed my examples

surely pls state what you can do and pm me some examples

Heyy I can do :heavy_heart_exclamation:

What I can do!
  1. Character Cards
  2. Edited Covers
  3. PFP
  4. Splashes(intros/outros)
  5. Text Overlays
  6. Banner

Please Pm me some Examples

I can do covers, pfps, character cards, splashes, text overlays, banners, and backgrounds and overlays. All edited.

Please send me some examples

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@TK_epiwriter, Hi I’m Elle do you still make free backgrounds?

I dont make free backgrounds

Ok, sry

Its completely okay