I Am Making Phone Wallpapers And Phone Text Overlays For Y'all


I heard you wanted a fully customized Phone Wallpaper for either your personal reasons and even if you won’t use it nd you want to see what I have got then that’s ok what you have to do to get one is underneath me and Password for request is - Midnight

*The Form For A Un-Episode Related Wallpaper like for your phone or electronic
Password -
Pick out your background -
Take a picture of your character or what you want on it -
State The Name Or Text you want written on it -
Pick out special effects -

Form For A Text Overlay
What do you want written for each?
What are the character’s name ?
And again I used a free overalay website and free background webiste.
Some Examples

Phone Text Overlay Examples


I really hope you request !




Aw Me !

Can I have a mature themes and stong words splash ? Something scary for my thriller horror story


Yay @Mary-P
My first customer
Just fill out the form and I will respond to u ASAP


Please close this thread



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: