I am needing some help with my story

hello, i was wondering if someone would be interested in basically becoming friends or someone i can talk to about my story you don’t have to read it or anything basically you would listen to what i am thinking about the plot of the story so you would have spoilers and know what i want to do with my story so i would have to ask you not to share the information on what i tell you with anyone or steal it! if you are interested let me know and thank you for your time and help before hand


Hey, You can talk about your story to me you can just PM when ever you want to discuss or need help in your story. :blush:

Hello! You can PM on here or DM me on Instagram (I’m more active on here though.)
I’d love to help you out! :slight_smile:

Really? thank you do you have insta?

Okay! thank you i will!

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Yes, but I am more active on here :slight_smile:

I’ll help if you still need it :slight_smile: I’m writing a story too, maybe we could help each other out?

Okay that’s fine

I’d love to is it best to contact you here or on Instagram

okay just pm me when you need help :grin:

I think instagram would be better, eljen_episode :slight_smile: