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I have read stories where the user chooses an outfit, and then before going out a jacket is added to it (like in winter scenes) how can you do this? I would like to add jackets to some of my outfits but don’t want the jacket to be stuck being worn. I know for a fact I have seen this in other stories… So can someone direct me on how to do this, it wouldn’t make sense to add the jacket to the choice outfit…on top of the fact that there is no way to know which outfit was chosen to be able to randomly add a jacket then wasn’t shown during the preview… I hope that makes sense… honestly I am trying to remember the story I have seen this it was so prominent , it could’ve been/might of been under your spell… but I truly don’t remember 100%

You would need to create new outfits with the jacket. To remember which outfit was chosen there are 2 ways:

The choice name and option name method:

Or Gains

So if the reader were to choose an outfit, you will need to use the if/elif/else code to remember that choice, then make the character change into the outfit that has the jacket depending on which outfit they chose.

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:sob: so much work…:woman_facepalming::rofl:

Not really. Here’s an example

So here’s the choice

What do you want to wear?

choice (OUTFIT)
“Outfit One” {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit_name1
} “Outfit Two” {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit_name2
} “Outfit Three” {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit_name3

Then later when you want to change them into the outfit with the jacket:

if (OUTFIT is “Outfit One”) {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit1_jacket
} elif (OUTFIT is “Outfit Two”) {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit2_jacket
} else {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit3_jacket

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But in this story the jacket was both put on and taken off while in the choice outfit… so how would that work…? sorry it’s a lot of work to me that would have me making 30 outfits instead of 15… maybe when I’m not feeling so lazy I’ll try it, it would have to be done with all 15 outfits right not just the ones that have jackets?