I am open for all art requests! (3 out of 3 available)


I have made art on the forum before and now I am back!

Here are some of my examples:

I can do whatever art you want, just request it below!
You can just say what you need! If I don’t have enough details I will ask for it!

I will only accept 3 requests at the same time!
The waiting list:

Oh, and credit me to my insta: @jasmijnepisode


Can you possibly do a cover for me?
The plot of the story is a hybrid (vampire/werewolf) girl learns what she is and learns the truth about her “family” and “friends”… I don’t know if that’s enough to go on but your work is awesome!


I can definitely make your cover, I will need a few more details though, how does the girl look and do you just want her on the cover? Do you want the small or the large one or both? And what is the title and the author name?


She’s the main character (Clara).

He is a “friend” (Drake).

He is another friend (Ben).

The title is “Which would you choose?”
And its by me but I go by “Cat’s Corner” on the app.

Honestly your work is awesome so you can do whatever you want for the cover!
And if you have time to do both small and large awesome but I think the large one is more important.
Thank you so much for your help!


Awesome. I think I will be working on it tomorrow, since I got loads of inspiration and want to make something special! Is is okay though if I use another outfit?


Yeah! Of course! Thank you!


Can you make a background for me


I can, if you say what you want I will find or make it for you!


Can you make a super hero hideout background


I will need a little more details on that! What exactly do you mean? Like a really futuristic office? Do you need specific things in it?


Yeah a futuristic office


And one last question, how many zones do you want?


3 zones


Okay, I will work on it tomorrow, I found a good base already, but I just need to add things to it!




@kitkat1012 here you go, I hope you like it since you gave me the artistic freedom I decided to do something out of my comfort zone!


@belle141 I tried! I don’t know a whole lot about superheroes so my team had to help me with what to add! If you want it any different please tell!


I am able to make art right now if anyone needs some!


Thank you! I love it!


Glad you like it! Please give credit to my insta account @jasmijnepisode!