I am quite confusion


low key sounded stupid in this post so we’re just gonna ignore that lol


No prop and it is present champagne :joy:


dang I’m stupid. lol thanks


You’re not stupid!
Just lazy :joy: Joking…Maybe :wink:
But yeah all you need to do is type in an animation to see if it exists for Episode. And you can go through the props after that.


Yeah😂 I looked I just couldn’t find it for some reason. but thank you


Thats really weird, if you looked for it, it should have been found easily :thinking:


yeah, that’s what I didn’t understand. but then again I looked in the new catalog they could have just not put it in. it could have been in the original animations log🤷🏼‍♀️ oh well


lmao it’s all there but it didn’t show up when I was looking, and I still have no idea why. it’s whatever😂