I am sad, can we talk?

So i don’t know what’s wrong with me these days but I am just sad or maybe I fell empty I don’t know…
What do you guys do when you feel sad?


I can be your friend? :woman_shrugging:

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I would love that so much, thank you!

tbh, when you’re feeling down, talk to someone about your problems, watch a movie or listen to music to get things off your mind. Go for a walk or just hang out with family or friends.

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Okay, you want to DM me and we can talk? idk

I can’t find anyone to talk to right now and listening to music and watching movie will get things of my back for a short time and then I’ll get sad again


I’ll try to dm you

Okay, :wilted_flower: :black_joker:

of course everybody has different ways of coping with sadness, but here’s some of mine:

  • watch animal videos (especially dogs, raccoons, and baby animals)
  • watch vine compilations or go through my “saved posts” on Instagram to laugh at memes
  • lately Mario Kart Tour has been boosting my confidence (even though I’m playing against a bunch of computers). or I’ll play on my PS4
  • write out what you’re feeling! I have made myself a google document in which I keep track of some of my dreams as well as thoughts
  • speak to somebody
  • this may sound odd, but when I’m sad, sometimes I put music on full-blast (either in headphones or out loud if I’m home alone) and I force myself to jam out. eventually, I’m just jamming out for the heck of it and my worries go away for a short time. on the contrary, I may listen to sad music on full blast and cry my heart out. usually I feel better after I cry because it’s worse to bottle up your emotions.
  • I watch my favorite youtubers (and if they’re hype in the video, it generally passes on to me and essentially makes me hype)
  • I’ve been trying to look at negative situations and finding the silver linings within them. for instance, I haven’t talked to someone that I may love for two whole months. but, it has given me time to reflect and hopefully improve upon myself. there’s always some sort of positive within negatives!

I’ve been very, very sad lately and some of these things (especially talking to others) has helped me significantly. with that being said, feel free to message me whenever! I am here to listen to you (free of judgement) and try to give you advice if you would like :))


i go for a walk . listen to music . i dance , don’t Drown in your sadness , fight it .
i can be ur friend


We all sometimes deal w these feelings. If you ever wanna PM me to talk i’m always here :two_hearts:

Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this.
Is this the first time you’re feeling like this? Or has this happened before?
Are there family members or friends that you can talk to about this?
It’s not very uncommon to be sometimes sad for no particular reason. The sad feeling goed away after some some time.
It helps to write down how you feel. And going to the gym or doing other physical activities releases endorphines. A lot of people call endorphines “Happy hormones”. Watching comedy films or funny video’s can also help.
If you are having the sad feelings for a longer time, than I advise you to seek professional help. Maybe you can talk about this with your family doctor? You don’t have to be ashamed of this. A lot of people are struggling with mental health issues. The sooner you get help, the better.
Good luck!

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I know that is silly but my sister @addivi101 and I always like to listen The Beatles, and it helps not just me but her as well. She’s a little more obsessed then me, buttttt I do recommend
•Strawberry Fields Forever
•The End
•Getting Better

I’d recommend Getting Better the most, it talks about bad things and how everything ends up working out in the end!

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