I am scaret to say to check out my story


Hello everyone something bother me a lot and that is the fear.
I LOVE episode interactive i was read so many beautiful story and much respect for the authors they do an amazing job so i was thinkin that i want to read a story i have so many good ideeas for episodes and plus i am an begginer i was literaly spend all days and nights try to figure out how to write an episode how to spot how to do all the stuff […] right now i have 8 episodes and only 40 reads and thats make me to thinkin that i am not good enough but something told me that i cant give up can anybody give me an advice what to do ? I am scaret of the negative comments and scaret of that person or author who do a lot better then me to say that the story is not good enough what to do ?


do reads for reads, and the negative comments will make you improve!
On Instagram you can do story reviews, there are accounts who does that.
if you don’t want negative comments you can delete them in feedbacks, but I suggest you don’t cuz it can make you improve.


Don’t give up :smiley: Promote your story. Some people will like your story, some people won’t… But you have to try. You need promotion, good cover and interesting description. Good luck! :smiley:


The story is good like for me is good i got good ideeas but i need an cover i was ask for help too but no answee but i was try it by myslef and i cant my body is tired but i dont give up


Lol i was mention up that i was read so many stories and i will still read and i say that i respect the authors and them amazing jobs


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Awe, don’t give up! I understand, I haven’t published my story yet, but I have many Episode friends who are going through the same scenario as you! Here are a few tips I’ve seen people do to gain more reads:
1. Make an Instagram account, if you can. Post everytime you update your story, have a public account, and use as many episode hashtags as possible!

2. Ask for story reviews and read for reads! I am a story reviewer and there are many stories I’ve reviewed that I’ve kept reading! (If you’d like, I could review your story!)

3. Make friends! Having people in the community who support you as an author and person and who will read your story, will definitely help you out in the long run!

4. Be super active in the community! Just get your story out there and being active will help people decide if they want to read your story! I have a bunch of people saying they are going to read my story when it’s published just because I was kind to them!

Also, I’ll put below why you shouldn’t be afraid of asking people to check out your story/review it because your worried about negative comments:

First of all, negative comments are for bullies! People who really want to help you out, will give you constructive criticism! So, just find those people, and I’m sure they won’t be negative about your story! Also, if people do give you negative comments, just say goodbye to those haters! Negative comments are unnecessary and those people are probably just jealous that you had the courage to publish a story and they didn’t!


Whats your story so I can check it out


Thank you so much for your words you are so sweet and kind i already have an insta account i was published 8 episodes till now i have only 41 reads and i really want to ask but i dont want to be annoying right now i just need an cover but no answer so also this make me feel so bad wotj myslef


Forbidden love is called


Ok cool, I’ll check it out


I will pray right now but if you see something wrong im a begginer i still learn things


Sorry, but which one is it/whats the authors name? A few showed up.


Lol, Im sure it will be good. Just have to find the right one lol


Ohh i forgot search Daniela_episodes and there you find my story


Ok, thanks


Idk why is not appear when is need to search


Thank you too for cheking my story


No problem! I would say your story is okay. There are a few grammar and punctuation errors. But overall I would say it was okay. But I would definitely read it again. Sorry if I was being to straight forward.


Yeah about gramar and punctuation is true is some problems now i dont want to find excuses but that story was writing in night i was so tired i will correct the mistakes as soon as i can