I am So Confused,can you hep me?

Is it possible to be in love with 2 boys in the same time ?
if yes …what shall you do then?


Yes, I think so.
What do you do… What feels right to you

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Yes you can! :blush:
I would tell you to listen to yourself: Which one can’t get out of your head, think about the most, are happier to see… :heart:

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make them change there hair to something very diffrent. if you dont like the change it was not love

ofcourse to do that it demand you are already kinda friends with them

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i am already in a relationship with one of them
the other one is my bff

too hard to be done

Yes, that is very possible. Things happen. Feelings can be overwhelming and confusing, so do what your gut tells you. :blob_hearts:
Ask yourself some questions: Who makes you happier? Who do you think of first?
On average, people fall in love 7 times before getting married (which doesn’t include how many times they fall in love DURING or AFTER marriage, if they do not remain in love with their partner, or are in love with multiple people).
Just saying, there’s a thing called polyamory, which is being in more than one relationship at a time. Polyamory is considered a part of the LGBTQ+ community, I think. :thinking:

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That’s true. It might just be physical attraction. If a change in appearance changes your feeling towards them, it was not love in the first place.

well old advice I got, if you are in love with someome but fall in love with someone els, you dont love the first person enough?

I know its not a good advice. you are already in a relationship, I honestly dont think you should do anything. one is your friend, love is not just romance and desire, there is family love friendship love.

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Maybe you want to move on? Maybe someone isn’t right for you, but you’re still holding on to them, because you feel like you’re obligated to.
There could be many reasons as to why this is happening.

no no its not… i dunno what it is but i love both of them the same

It could be different kinds of love like @line123462 said. One can be more platonic, while the other one is romantic. It could be the same amount of love, but different kinds of love.

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yeah maybe

thank you guys so much
i will think about it and let you know

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It may seem to be one way, but it really is another. My friend was in a similar situation, where she really, really liked two boys (in the same way, as in romantically). Turns out, that attraction faded with one boy once she no longer spent time with him, and she slowly saw the other guy as more of a friend.

I hope you found some good advice. That situation can be really difficult. Good luck. :blob_hearts:


Yes, please update the squad!

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