I am spotting a character, but it looks terrible. Please help


I want a character to enter a scene at the place where I spotted it, but it looks terrible. I coded it to be @CHARACTER walks to spot ______ but it looks like she just jumped out from the floor. Any tips to make her walk to the spot and have it look normal?


Jumps out from the floor? Where is she before you try to make her walk?


I am just saying thats what it looks like. This is her first scene in my story.


Can you copy and paste what you have written for her?


Yes once sec


This is what I coded
@LINDA walks to spot 0.908 257 75


Where on the screen is she before this? Is she really big and then gets smaller to that spot, is that the problem?


She wasn’t anywhere before, I want her to enter to that spot while walking. This is her first scene. I wish I could take a video of what is looks like.


Do you know a better way that I could code this to look better? How would you code it? Thanks for help too.


Oh I see, if you want her to enter being the same size you will need to spot her off screen and then make her walk to that spot.

I usually write something like this, for example.

@LINDA spot 0.908 -100 75 in zone 1
@LINDA walks to spot 0.908 257 75

This way she walks straight across and remains the same size.


Thank you sm! I am going to try this right now, I think it will work.


Let me know if it works or if you need more help. :blush:


Yes! It worked and it looks great, Thank you.


No problem!