I am stuck between two story ideas

Both of them are completely different genres. One of them is romance and the other is mystery.

  1. Mystery based on something traumatizing that just happened to me. There is this peaceful friend group. They have been friends since hs. There is no toxicity or drama. That’s until a girl named Layla joins the group. Layla is mentally ill girl who had so much trauma and is in a toxic ldr(long distance relationship). I wont go in detail about her mental illness. I will focus on the fact that she is a compulsive liar. Since she joins the group she brings her friends too. Since then the drama starts. She is often feeling sad because of her family or boyfriend. What is the plot twist? She was lying about so many things. Since then they try to put the pieces together but they will come to shocking conclusion.

  2. Romance based on my scenarios with my ex crush. Violet is in a toxic marriage and Flora is her gay awakening. But will Flora save Violet from a toxic marriage?

So… Now choose.

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