I am stuuuck w my story

I’m motibated to continue writing my story. But the thing is, idk what I want To happen in the next chapter. Like I know I want To continue this training thing I’m doing but it’s not gonna be the whole chapter. So yeah I’m kinda stuck w that problem, how do you guys get over these problem?

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Aww, don’t be discouraged by that it happens to me all the time. I’m not the type to sit around and plan everything chapter by chapter I mostly write when I feel like it. If you’re in a tough position, I recommend listening to music or taking a day break just to get your feel for writing bqck. :smiley: <33

I won’t write or think about it for the next few days and then ideas just come up while I’m relaxing haha

Well my break has been for like weeks.

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For me when I get stuck I usually end up talking to one of my friends and just suggesting really random things that could happen and usually they are really stupid, but it can help to relax and not be so overly focused and stressed about writing, and sometimes you could use one of the ideas and turn into something that could work in your story. And because I’m still in school, writing is like a fun break for me so I try my best to just keep it fun, and very stress free. And also don’t worry if you take long breaks, I do that all the time. And if you ever need someone to help with some ideas you can always pm me :heartpulse:

Lol :rofl: then just relax and write down every idea that pops up, I’m sure it will work