I am taking a break for forums

I know everyone is leaving forums but I need to take a break. I am sorry but I’m taking a day or two from off forums it’s not because of drama or anything thing like that. It’s because I have family in town that I need to visit and I hadn’t seen in years.
Thank you,
Leslie G.:heart:
I’ll miss my forum family the most.
Bye to my best friend and my mother on forum @sofia2 (sorry I’ll be back soon I promise). I’m be on and off but only for a few minutes a day.


Aww gurl take your break you deserve it!

Thanks I’ll miss you the most :heart:

Aww thanks this potato will miss ya too…

:joy::joy::joy: when school starts next week I’ll talk to you during study halls and weekends

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Lmao ME too so be active all the time,…

I don’t sleep on weekends :joy:

My grandma and grandpa from Mexico are coming today

Aw okay good luck and have a great time!

I have to go now bye♥️

Okay tell me when you get back!

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