I am taking a break from episode forums and all social media



Hi everyone ,
You must see me around the forums every now and then so you might have noticed me.
I am taking a break from episode because I just dont feel like it anymore.
@IDONTKNOWREAL _ Thanks for asking me to join your competition
@Adam.epy - You are a nice person :relaxed:
@Shoosha138 - I iwll do your request
@Natalie_c - I dont know what to say - Keep doing your thing girl
@Ms.Kate - Glad your my friend - Supportor
@Chay - Even though we dont talk alot doesnt mean your not a friend
@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE - You go girl !!!
@L.I.W.F - See ya later alligator

I might come back to the forums once in a while but its less likely


Aw! I’ll miss you! Have a great life :wink:


Thanks @L.I.W.F
Me too I will miss you


I’ll miss you :heart: I hope you have a great summer!


:sob: I’ll support ur decision tho


I will finsh your contest and give me entry dont worry


Thanks @L.I.W.F
You might see me post something tomorrow


Hmmph ok I’ll look out for it :blush:


Aww Thanksk :heart:


Keep doing your amazing art girl


Thank you :smile:


Will you be back, ever? :disappointed:


Aww @Chesirekitten101 happy to talk to you and everything! If you need to talk you can pm me!


Same :two_hearts:


Thank you Mrs Kate and Meadowh for being there for me I will miss you all but like I said I will post tomorrow so keep posted I will miss you guys


Have an amazing life sweetie, whilst I’m stuck in a forum where people argue over art clients. :heart:




Thank u @Shani_Theo
So much


Dahlia blossom
I love your art
You go girl
I will miss u


Aww. I will miss you too. When will you be back girrrllllllll,