I am taking art COMMISIONS AND have negotiable prices!

Hey guys!! ^^
I am taking art requests and I do have reasonable and negotiable prices!
I mainly do my art on paper, then scan them and resize and brighten them so they look good :smiling_face:

Complex Art

For Complex Art covers, I charge around $10 for 2 characters, and each additional character after that will be an additional $1
For Complex Art scenes I charge around $9 for 2 people, more is another dollar


For overlays I charge around $3-4 depending on how detailed the overlay is


backgrounds I charge around $6-7 depending on complexity.

You can PM me to ask for other prices and I will do my best to work within your budget :smiling_face:
Have a nice day guys!!! :heart:

Do u have any examples of ur work ?

yes, I do a lot of different styles!

Dayum thats a lotta art

ahhh I love these! your art is amazing!

Hey I wanna just make you aware request usually means free, if it cost money its called a commission.

but good luck your art looks great

thanks haha

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