:blob_sun: I am taking art request

(My other on got closed)
Hi I am taking request for art/ art resources
I know that I have made many many of these posts but a lot of them get flagged as spam or off topic so again I am trying to help people so if you would like help I am here

Here are some things you can request as well please

  • Backgrounds
  • covers
  • art scenes
  • characters ( no more then 2)
  • characters-full body,waist up or head (above busts and up)

Important things to keep in mind

  • all my art is free to purchase
  • If you are to use any of my art in your stories you need to credit my with @Brooke2759
  • can choose if you want colour or sketch
  • I will always send a sketch before colour and a colour sketch before colour final
  • I will send updates though out drawing progress
  • I will send through colours you can pick from for you art
  • I will accept 3 request at a time and you will be placed on a waiting list until a spot open up
    *i am a student please be patient as I may not be able to accept your request
Request Form

Link to fill request form
You can find my form "Art request " at: Art request
After this you will be added to a private google chat when I will sent you your art :butterfly:

  • Cover, Art Scene
  • Face close-up picture of your character(s):
  • Alt. Including customized hairstyle (Image):
  • Skin tone of your character(s):
  • Character height (ONLY for multiple characters):
  • Outfit Pictures:
  • Alt. Customized outfit (Image):


  • Background
  • Background Description (If drawn):
  • Mood (Happy, romantic, sad, etc.):
  • Extras (Additional custom things):
  • Title (Only for covers):
  • Small or Large (Only for covers):
  • Updates: Sketch OR Sketch + Regular Updates:
  • Anything else Id need to know


Hiii! So do you do digital art covers or no?

She does

do you have any pictures of your work?

examples are shown in the post