:blob_sun: I am taking request Art request! 🦋

Hey, sorry I only just saw this . Will send them asap

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@hazzah can you send through details please


Yess I saw that so i’m gonna have a look at everyone’s art first just to get an idea!!

Yeah I will sorry. I’m having trouble with my laptop atm so please bare w me

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@hazzah not a problem
send through when you can


@hazzah if you are not still having tech problems can you send through your request and details


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Ok thank you @hazzah what do you want me to do

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Im looking for an intro/outro for the story, so kind of an art scene, with both characters in . I’m not too fussed about what pose they’re in but here’s an idea I found from Pinterest :

And also, it would be great if they’re in the outfits the outfits from the previous pics!

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Hi sorry for late respond, 4 characters the main character(female) and two other female characters and one male character that’s what am talking about instead of two boys just one

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New request from please fill out

Hey, just wondering if I’m still on your help list?

@hazzah unfortanly not I am trying a new thing with request but if you would like to request again you can

Hi every one I am trialing a new request form using hot form if you could please leave your request for art here now instead of on the thread would be greatly appreciated
Link here Art request

Okay, it’s fine nevermind

Here is the waiting list link
Link Waitwhile